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ProFit Studio

Home of the SuperBody Workout.

Do you want to transform you body but haven’t the clue what to do? Are you looking for variety? Do you need accountability? Then ProFit Studio could be your prefect fit! Our certified personal trainers are here to assist you on your fitness journey. Let’s begin today...

ProFit Studio Boot Camps include:

SuperBody Boot Camp
Sexy Legs


HIIT House

Strength & Stamina

The HIIT House was created with the busy professional in mind.

Our HIIT program is simple:
20 exercises
90 seconds of intense work
30 seconds recovery
45 minutes session
400-600 kcal burn

Replace your mundane cardio routine with our HIIT workout to achieve the body you desire.

3 studios

1 price

As a member of ProFit Studio, you have full access to all applicable sessions and you are free to mix and match sessions to fit your fitness needs.


5 sessions *NEW CLIENTS ONLY* $99

Pay as you GO

10 sessions $240 expires in 60 days
20 sessions $460 expires in 90 days

2x a week $185

(8 sessions a month)

3x a week $250

(12 sessions a month)

Unlimited sessions per month


Enjoy all sessions for 1 monthly price
SuperBody Boot Camp, Sexy Legs,

HIIT House, SWERVE & boxing

$100 dollar yearly membership fee

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice*

Private Personal Training available upon request 


how to

Thank you for considering ProFit Studio for your fitness needs.

In light of the pandemic, we are asking that all new members present a current negative COVID test (less than 1 week old) or proof of vaccination, before membership is granted.

Please email your results to Upon receipt, you will receive an email allowing you to access the ProFit Studio App.

Once connected, you will be able to set up your profile, select membership, schedule classes and much more.. We look forward to servicing your fitness endeavors. See you soon! 

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